Shepherd bulz Romanian recipe

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Cheese, the food that charms our taste buds, appeared due to the knowledge and deftness of shepherds. Bellows and cottage cheese are only two shepherd types of cheese, the representatives of this authentically Romanian craft.



– hard polenta made of corn, water and salt
– bellows cheese
– kaiser or smoked ham
– oil
– bacon
– sour cream
– butter

Shepherd bulz preparation: The steaming polenta is taken out of the hot pot and left to cool. The sheep bellows cheese is taken out of the fridge and is smashed to small pieces. The kaiser and bacon are cut in thin slices and the butter is kept in the heat, so as to soften. After it is cooled, the polenta is divided into even sizes and is shaped by hand, flattened until a scoop has been made in the middle of it. That is where the cheese, the butter, kaiser and bacon are put. After that, the polenta is reshaped into a bigger ball, well tightened so as the ingredients don’t get out of it. Everything is put on the grill and when the cheese from the inside has melted and the polenta has a crust on the outside, shepherd bulz it can be served covered in full fat sour cream.

The association of wine and food always represents an exciting challenge for any skilled cook. What is the perfect wine for a certain type of food and especially how do we match its colour are the questions we ask ourselves when we have to create the perfect combination. Although they seem alike, the wine and cheese actually have a lot to say when they are savoured in a balanced tandem. We cannot say that all types of cheese can be connected with only a certain type of wine, it all differs according to texture and the characteristics of each one. Medium sweet, but more than anything red wine can always be combined with soft cheeses that create the explosion and savour of the supreme, quality taste. Riesling but also Champagne wine is perfect when you eat soft cheeses.

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