Romstal, passion and experience for over 20 years

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The story of Romstal has begun in 1994, when the first shop was opened in Unirea shopping center. For over 20 years, the passion and the devotion for the company has been transposed into innovative and exclusive products that demonstrate efficiency and reliability every time. Romstal’s commitment to the clients is a long lasting one and it offers solutions for every type of project in a complex system of consultancy offered to the public for free.


What is the number of employees the company began with and how did it become a famous brand?

The multinational Romstal network included 157 shops in 2006. The buildings that use the persoproducts sold by Romstal, the ones whose infrastructure includes pipes, fittings, that use piping supplied by the company, air conditioning systems, pumps, radiators, faucets, faience and hone collections are as diverse as the company’s offer: commercial spaces, office buildings, education and entertainment units, public institutions in a large number. And private houses are even more numerous, where the product palette extends even more because it integrates the ambients destined for bathrooms. Romstal has dedicated 2013 to Webmarketing, the marketing branch dedicated to the company’s portals, planning and creating communication and promoting strategies through online media. Accomplishments: 8 portals, 200.000 unique visitors per month, 150.000 fans on the official Facebook page and sales of over 500.000 euro. Romstal has recorded 2330 employees in 2013 and a turnover of 330 million euros. Today, Romstal is the leader of the South- Eastern European field and it is specialized in selling installation equipments for constructions.


How many companies does the Romstal Group include and what are the segments it addresses to?

The Romstal group is made of 11 companies from various fields: from IT&C and installation services to real estate. Valrom produces and sells product systems in PP, PEHD, PeX, for networks of cold water supply, gas supply, sewage networks, purification stations, filtering systems, water storage and pumping, fats and hydrocarbons splitters, sanitary and heating systems, all offering quality, safety, efficiency. Valplast Industrie is now a prestigious name in the ranking of the producers of pipes, complete PVC systems, plastic materials for sewage, electrical cables and telecommunications. Autoklass has become an authorized center of sales and service for Mercedes-Benz. Belform is a Romanian company specialized in the production of acrylic bath tubs. Central Service Instal has a turnover of 4 million euros. The company supplies services of residential and industrial acclimatization heating, air treating, heat pumps, solar panels and automatization systems. IOS Software Solutions offers IT&C consultancy services, it implements personalized solutions and it provides extended support services. City Garden Distribution is one of the most renowned Romanian companies in the field of importing and distribution of interior and exterior plants, seeds, bulbs, soil for flowers, decorations, furniture for gardens, gardening equipments, irrigation systems, but also landscape projecting and development services. Dezim Development’s mission means offering its clients a complete range of very professional real estate services. Land & Building Real Estate focuses on cultivating cereals (only rice), leguminous plants and the ones that produce oleaginous seeds.

How many stores does Romstal presently have and where are they located?

Romstal has a network formed of 11 stores in Bucharest, 46 branches and 37 agencies.

What are the company’s trump cards?Romstal’s mission is to be the main supplier and trustworthy partner of plumbers. Through its 5000 partners network, the company offers both quality products and services and the necessary consultancy. Over the 20 years of existence, Romstal has developed a unique partnership with plumbers all over the country.

What can you tell us about the Romstal Academy?

The Romstal Academy has been created by the wish to communicate the knowledge and experience to the clients and not only them. Covering a surface of over 1000 square meters that include an amphitheater with a 55 chairs capacity, two class rooms with over 50 chairs and a laboratory with functional products stands, the Academy wants to educate over 5000 installations professionals until the end of the year.

Did the company access European funds for modernization and technology?

This year, Romstal has accessed European funds of 1.200.000 euros for two projects that were addressed to students and to the persons who work in the installations field.

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