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Of all the companies featured in this magazine number, I must admit I have a soft spot for Mobexpert.

Mobexpert4It is true that the stories behind each and every company impressed me in varying degrees, but I haven’t been so deeply attached, and for such a long time, to any of them like I have to this particular one. That said, if a while back I used to think of the brand in terms of its products, today I look at it in light of its evolution, the involvement of the people behind its name, the success it has reaped over the years. I realize that the value of the products is given by the people involved in the Mobexpert brand, by the values they believe in and that guide their actions. Each and every object has a soul and this is thanks to everyone involved in its making. The pristine image of the brand, as well as the customers’ attachment to it comes out of respect only, respect that anyone who steps into a Mobexpert store is bound to receive.

Mobexpert-showroomThe name Mobexpert was born 21 years ago. It started out as a small time business, a 150 msq store specializing in office furniture, opened in the Unirea Shopping Centre and having only four employees. Dan Șucu, the Mobexpert founder and president, whose career was taking off at the time, understood that the recipe for success was to keep the quality-price ratio at an optimum level, so that all the customers be satisfied. Thus, shortly after opening the first store, more precisely a year after that, Mobexpert started to produce the first office chairs and couches in order to complement its existing supply.

Elisabeth-Bedroom-Mobexpert The money invested in importing goods would now change its trajectory and ensure the necessary materials for the actual production of office furniture pieces. However, this only lasted for a short while, because other and other plans were to be implemented. The opening of new factories, as well as the distribution via its own chain stores of imported furniture bearing the tags of some of the biggest european producers was a dream come true. From the moment it took over the factories in Târgu Mureş and Dej, Mobexpert not only developed its production line, but also started exporting furniture made in Ro. Its incredible evolution was due first of all to its guiding principles – the foundation pillars of the company – because in a standardized world, Mobexpert wanted to be different.

Elisabeth-Bedroom-Mobexpert2Mobexpert has constantly paid attention to the needs of its customers, it has always valued involvement and has offered advice for those in need of a guide. It has always been forward-thinking and, despite the increasing competition, today we look at a market leader, a brand loved by many people. In Romania, the network includes 10 hypermarkets (four in Bucharest and one in each of the following cities: Brașov, Suceava, Pitești, Sibiu, Iași and Oradea), as well as 20 stores throughout the country (Timișoara, Cluj, Constanța, Târgu Mures, Călărași, Alba Iulia, Galați, Bistrița, Ploiești, Arad, Dej, Focșani, Râmnicu Vâlcea, Alexandria, Piatra Neamț, Brăila, Craiova, Slatina, Satu Mare, Târgu Jiu). Outside Romania, the first furniture and accessories hypermarket was opened in Sofia, in September 2007.

Mobexpert-showroom2Since 2005 Mobexpert Office has also been present with dedicated brand stores in Sofia (Bulgaria) and Belgrad (Serbia). 19 years ago, Mobexpert’s production capacity was limited to 200 chairs and 20 couches per month; today, it produces as much per hour. Moreover, every year means new launches of products designed according to the latest trends. All these figures aside, what puts a smile on my face is the fact that Mobexpert encourages Romanian products. During one of my visits to a dedicated showroom I noticed that each and every product made in Romania bore a delicate mark, a tricolour, and that brought me an enormous satisfaction. The next step in the strategy of Mobexpert is a natural consequence of its unique position in the Romanian market, as a group that integrates creation, design, production, logistics, import, export and retail, and that aims towards producing small series and highly personalized products.

The concept “Made in Romania” will become increasingly valuable as it will get closer to “Designed and Made in Romania”.

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