Guban a unique brand history

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The Guban company takes pride in a unique brand history, having been honoured along the years by the appreciation of grand personalities. Harry Truman, Sophia Loren or King Michael of Hohenzollern- Sigmaringen have worn shoes made by Guban.


The story begins in 1937, when the “Timişoara Guban Chemical Factory” was founded. It made shoe polish and after some time it diversified its activity and its products range. Thus, in 1959, it began producing shoes and shortly after that the Guban shoes became a mark of refinement and quality. They have remained in everybody’s memory as being the most comfortable and having the finest leather. They are shoes that must be carefully kept covered in paper, in their box put in the dressing, as a confirmation of the social status. “We like to say that we sell shoes with a soul because each pair gathers a lot of passion when it passes to 40 hands and only after that it reaches the feet of the one it was created for”, says Marius Ion, the company’s administrator. “Each of us leaves a piece of our soul it what we do, the result being a shoe made with love and dedication, whose purpose is to bring joy and emphasise the femininity of the one who wears it”, adds Marius Ion.

Marius-Ion,-Board-Manager-at-GubanA graduate of the Paris XII University, Marius Ion worked in the banking business and entrepreneurship and in 2011 he joined the team of Broadhurst Industrial Management as the administrator of the industral companies group owned by New Century Buildings in Romania. Among these companies there are also some of the most important Romanian brands, such as Guban, Energoutilaj, Carboplak and Bucharest Electrical Cars Factory. Going back to traditional values, such as “good taste, rafinement, quality and comfort”, for which Guban shoes have been appreciated for half a century, the company succeeded into repositioning this brand and bringing it back to the clients’ attention. “The new collections are the result of a long process that first involved a thorough analysis of the market and the investments in the human capital that resulted into a strong team because behind the Guban shoes there are people who passionately contribute to their concept and production”, says Marius Ion. “With the new Guban collections,we aim to writing a new chapter in the excellency of made in Romania products: unique shoes that combine technology and Italian feedstock with the tradition of Romanian craftmanship.

Guban2That is why we permanently collaborate with Romanian designers who create the capsule collections for the Guban brand. The values we believe in are team work, professionalism and the attention to little details. This is how we manage to offer quality products and to fulfill the needs of even the most exigent customers.” The Guban company continues to reinvent with each collection keeping the line that brought it success and daring to make experiments on premium models. Thus, beginnging with the new year, the clients will be able to choose 11 cm stilettos whose block has been studied very well by the company’s technicians so as to keep the Guban comfort. This model will be closely followed by a 9 cm heel also. The Guban shoes are a symbol for the elite of the Romanian shoe market due to its quality and the mix of craftsmenship and creativity. The product’s quality represents the best business card for the brand.

GubanGuban is a “fashion statement” and it is addresed to strong women, with attitude, whose shoes confirm their good taste, elegance and the courage to assert.

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