Dristor Kebap is a Romanian brand

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At first glance one could think that shaorma has absolutely nothing to do with our traditions, culture and customs. However, if we think about it, sarmale (abbage or grape leaves stuffed with minced meat) are not as Romanian as we might believe and the majority of the dishes found today in a traditional menu has been borrowed from our neighbors or indurated in our culture with the imbalances of history.


Dristor Kebap is a Romanian brand born in Romania and developed in Romania. Thanks to the Dristor shaorma, one of the first fast food locations here, Romanians now adore the taste of meat combined with fries, pickles and garlic sauce. We might even say that after 15 years of existence, shaorma has become a part of our culinary tradition, even more so because now we try to cook it at home, also. It is indeed a dish rooted in the sunny history of Turkey, but what we wildly take delight in today is authentically Romanian because its recipe has been adapted to our taste. Nowhere else is this type of food eaten as we prefer it. The mix of spices and ingredients doesn’t fit everybody’s taste, only we, the Romanians, know how to appreciate its true value. It is tasty, it is accessible and it is quickly made. Dristor Kebap’s history begins sometime at the end of the 1990s. What only a few know, for certain, is that it became a brand due to its consumers, they have initiated this symbol and today it has extended, it has overpassed the borders of Dristor neighborhood and it has had the same success as before and even more, it has become some kind of trend setter in the field of fast food restaurants in Romania. None of the initiatives of the group has been overlooked by the competition. Beside the fact that the products’ quality has remained a priority in Dristor Kebap’s activity, the locations have become warm and harmonious spaces, in continuous modernization. Thus, more and more shaorma restaurants try to imitate the varied menu and the locations’ inventive design.

Dristor-Kebap-4The covered terraces are one of these investments that seem not only to have been appreciated by the customers, but also by the competitors, as we already said. Unfortunately, not all that have “burrowed” the model have survived until the end. Apparently, it is easy to open up a shaorma restaurant and the investment is not very expensive but the truth is that things are a little different. Like in every field, work has to be done and if we talk about the food sector, quality is needed also. Exigence and the attention to details are aspects that the group’s leaders value a lot. The provenance of the ingredients is one of the priorities. Thus, Dristor Kebap chooses to stock with visibly high quality ingredients. The meat is an essential ingredient of shaorma so it is very important that it is fresh, appropriately cut into specific quantities. The way the animal has been raised, the food it eats seriously influence the taste. The same reasoning applies to the other ingredients, the only exception being the famous hot peppers. The majority of people who come to Dristor Kebap is obviously hungry but is also in a hurry and wants to be rapidly served.

Dristor-KebapBeginning from here, each location has a numerous team, a group of diligent little ants ready to please everybody who come to take their food to go or savor it in the little but charming restaurants. The personnel’s role is clear: to serve you quickly and to serve you well because Dristor shaorma is wrapped the best so it is impossible to blemish yourself with sauce. Any business is closely overseen by the investor and this rule is not only valid in Romania, says one of the Dristor Kebap shareholders. A golden rule when you truly want to succeed is to surround yourself with loyal people, correct people. Such an example is Alexandru Necșulescu, the company’s first employee who has joined the group when it was founded and who is now considered a part of the family.

Alexandru-Necșulescu-Dristor-kebapThe whole business is actually a family one and everybody has a list of attributions that have been well set so that everything is closely overseen and there is always someone to find solutions to unforeseeable problems.

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