CESIRO – Romanian plates on foreigners’ tables

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Who would have thought that the oldest domestic earthenware factory in Romania hides in Transylvanian land and that millions of plates and platters are exported annually from here? Although from the outside it doesn’t look big, Cesiro boasts almost 1800 employees and a production capacity of over 8 million plates per year.Cesiro’s-Showroom

Established in 1957, in the city of Sighișoara, the CESIRO domestic earthenware factory continues the ceramic tradition that is specific to the cultural and spiritual area of Transylvania, being among the first Romanian companies in this field. Archaeological discoveries made in various parts of Sighișoara stand proof to the fact that the art of clay processing has been cesiromastered here ever since the first millenium before Christ. The name CESIRO – Ceramic, Sighișoara, Romania – was given to the factory on the 1st of January 1991, upon separation from the former Glass and Earthenware Factory of Sighișoara. Technical facilities at the time were pretty basic and any improvements made during the long years of transition focused more on innovation and self-growth rather than on the purchase of cutting-edge technologies and equipment. And since foreign demand was getting higher by the day – thanks to the great design, but also to the quality they never fail to deliver – the factory’s Board decided to extend the production halls and to invest in technology and top class ovens. Although they never stopped activating in this industry, nor did they leave the region of Sighișoara, only 10% of the total production is bought by Romanians. Even so, we can be proud that millions of foreigners have heard of us and eat from Romanian plates. The Cesiro products reach the shelves of stores such as Carrefour, Tesco, cesiro2Ikea – from Romania, as well as 27 other countries. But things do not stop here; taking part in various fairs from abroad is a great way to identify other outlets. And in order to adapt to the requirements and changes that the customers expect, Cesiro makes sure the clay is always moulded so that everyone is satisfied. This is how the plates, cups, bowls, but also teapots, storage boxes, vases bearing the Cesiro tag – all crafted in an unparalleled colour palette – manage to stir the admiration of anyone who comes to know them. Potters who achieve the highest level of performance, who mould, give shape, colour; potters who stand in front of hot ovens; and also potters led by a man – proud to be Romanian, proud to hail from Sighișoara. He lives, works and teaches here, in Sighișoara, a place like no other. His name is Aurelian Voia, General Manager of Cesiro S.A. He says: “In 1991, our plates were bought by Romanians and only 10% of them would be exported. Today, The-Cesiro-Factorythings appear a little different, the ratio has been definitely reversed seeing how the demand is much higher abroad. We cannot help but feel proud of this; however, we must remember that everything is the result of thorough planning, hard work and huge efforts from the part of everyone involved. At the same time, we face the competition coming from cheap Chinese products. Still, those who have bought crockery made from Sighișoara clay once are sure to come back and buy again.” Although this article is about ambitious investors who managed to spread Romanian pride beyond the country’s borders, the Cesiro shareholders are disappointed in one respect: the high energy costs. They hope that somewhere on the way these costs will be stalled so that domestic production is stimulated.


Aurelian Voia, General Manager Cesiro

Cesiro products reach the shelves of stores such as Carrefour, Tesco, Ikea – from Romania, as well as 27 other countries.

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