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Paula Duță likes to draw. She considers herself a person who spreads joy wherever she goes – at first sight as well as through her works of art. And that I can confirm: as soon as you see her, you realize that everything she says comes straight from the depths of her being.


Paula Duță is a person devoted entirely to her life; she likes to enjoy everything that surrounds her, expressing her feelings through drawing. After graduating from the “Mihai Viteazu” National College, the Mathematics- Informatics section, Paula was admitted to the Faculty of Interior Architecture within the “Ion Mincu” University of Architecture and Urbanism in Bucharest. “Although I have been drawing since forever, it wasn’t until a year ago that I started focusing exclusively on art. Seeing how the Internet is the easiest way to promote oneself, this is where the first articles and projects with or about my drawings appeared. Soon, I started to receive invitations to take part in exhibitions such as The gathering #2 by Imbold Gallery, București Optimixed 2014, the European Cartoon Saloon organized by the Romanian Cultural Institute in collaboration with the National Museum of Contemporary Art, online articles and all sorts of other events that I had the honor to attend”, says Paula.

Paula-Duţă-paintingsAlthough most of us consider the capital city to be “the place of all possibilities”, Paula chose Timișoara over Bucharest. Why? “I visited Timișoara and the city felt like home, I don’t know how else to explain it.

Paula-Duţă-paintings8A week after I was already moving here, in a gorgeous and much quieter city, leaving Bucharest behind. I gave up on interior design; don’t get me wrong… I was fond of that field and I still am, but drawing is completely and totally different. In short, I am lucky; I had to choose between something I like and something I like even more.” Currently, Paula’s creations are focused on insects. “Although I use various media in my drawings and try to diversify my range of topics, I noticed that one of them was coming back to my attention increasingly often. I also draw plants and animals, but insects are my favourite subject.

Paula-Duţă-paintings9I am fascinated by their diversity and even more so by the difficulty they raise when I put them on paper. It is like looking through a magnifying glass to a completely new and unbelievably vast world, a self-contained universe that we usually ignore just because we don’t get easy access to it”, Paula confesses. Although in the incipient stage of Paula’s career paper represented “the main tool”, now she moved on to murals: “Last year I had a first attempt during a street art festival organized in Timișoara, then I was invited to draw the Typo Wall, the wall provided as part of the Typopassage event. This time, the theme was a Type Form and the mural painting was supposed to incorporate five portraits. Merging, forming and transforming were the first words that passed my mind upon finding out the theme, so everything turned into a steampunk presentation of the five.

Paula-Duţă-paintings5The height of the mural was about 1,80-2 m and the working time about four days. After this project I was invited to draw for Train Delivery and this time I made a painting on a train”, says Paula Duță. Given that she is constantly invited to take part in various events and exhibitions, and that she doesn’t lack orders for her artworks or collaboration offers from a multitude of companies, we gather that Paula Duță’s work is extremely appreciated by those around her. “The only medium that gives me a general idea about the way my art is received is the Internet. Here I regularly find articles and pictures that feature my works, in small time publications as well as on reputed websites.”

Paula-Duţă-paintings3Such a modest nature, Paula… If you cast a glance at her drawings, you will understand even better the reason behind the plethora of invitations and offers she gets: they are splendid! Insects, animals, landscapes, fruits, cupcakes… everything you can think of – things you would have never imagined one could embody on a plain white sheet of paper, things that turn into a work of art in Paula’s hands. When asking her how she sees Romania, Paula gave me an answer that few would: “To me, Romania is the place that allowed me to dream and where I began a magic journey. I am not talking from a political or organizational perspective, but strictly from a personal point of view; and in this respect, I wouldn’t change anything. Problems and difficulties are bound to arise everywhere, but they all have a weird way of eventually making you realize that you had something to learn from each of them and that they shaped and continue to shape you into the person that you are.”

Paula-Duţă-paintings6 I believe Romania has valuable people, people with strong artistic sense, people who have a word to say, and these words can be expressed in many ways… drawing is just one of them. Thank you, Paula, for everything you give us!

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