The Art Museum of Cluj-Napoca

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In the city center, protected by a large wrought iron gate the Art Museum of Cluj-Napoca is standing silent and proud.

The entrance is impressive and as you advance towards the court’s heart, the architecture overwhelms you. An old building from 1774, the Count Bánffy’s former residence, Transylvania’s governor, today houses some impressive collections that bear the signature of renowned artists such as Luchian, Grigorescu or Paciurea. The Art Museum is now open to the public thanks to the writer Virgil Cioflec. He remained alive in our memory thanks to his generosity: he donated his entire collection of paintings to Cluj University creating future Romanian art galleries. About Virgil Cioflec you should know that he was a major consumer of art, he was involved in the artistic movement and unconditionally supported his two friends, Luchian and Grigorescu, to whom he dedicated two monographs.

Today, we find these works of art in one of the iconic buildings of the city, a representative monument of Baroque architecture in Transylvania.

The Art Museum of Cluj-Napoca holds a very valuable heritage of Romanian and universal art

The experience of looking at a painting makes me feel very small in front of the genius. Works on canvas played with mathematical accuracy delights me, inspires me, makes me translate my imagination and transposes me in times long gone.

Cluj was and remains a highly important cultural center, where art is valued and promoted. Moreover, he continues to give artists, one of whom is Adrian Ghenie, graduate of the University of Arts and one of the most acclaimed Romanian painters alive.

Returning to the Muzeul de Artă, established in 1951, it has gathered, in addition to donations lawyer and writer Cioflec, oldest collections as well, funds coming from the Transylvanian Museum and other museum collections that aqcuires enhancing-value. Thus, all who pass the threshold, connoisseurs and amateurs of beautiful, they can admire 31 works of Nicolae Grigorescu, made in different periods of his life, and 18 masterpieces of Luchian’s.

The Art Museum of Cluj-Napoca also represents an important support for the new generation, claiming unbiased recent artistic creation.

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