Cluj Arena Stadium

With a contemporary design, with an architecture that’s contrasting with the historic area of Cluj-Napoca, Cluj Arena Stadium represents the place where the fans gather […]

Turda Salt Mine

The hard working men of Potaissa seem to come back to life when you walk down the Turda salt mine large alleys, the most visited […]

The Administrative Palace of Cluj-Napoca

Each old city has its charm, thanks to the buildings that have been preserved over time. Although the Administrative Palace is relatively recent (compared to […]

Turda History Museum

When you walk in a historic building that has witnessed hundreds of years of all kinds of events and happenings, it’s impossible not to get […]

The Art Museum of Cluj-Napoca

In the city center, protected by a large wrought iron gate the Art Museum of Cluj-Napoca is standing silent and proud. The entrance is impressive […]

Mihai Viteazu’s tomb, Cluj county

Located at three kilometers from Turda, in a secluded authentic romanian location, the Obelisk of Mihai Viteazu’s tomb seems to stand guard with dignity at […]