Valea Ierii, Cluj county

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When One starts slowly from the so animated town, one wants to withdraw to a quiet place, to admire the nature, to feel alive. Iara Valley is the perfect place to relax, it’s part of the mountain’s heart where the springs of clear water are a charm to one’s eyes.

On the way to Băişoara, passing the quarry, one steps into the heart of nature. One climbs the mountain, on rarely crossed paths which reveal many virgin areas where modernity hasn’t monopolized tradition yet. One loses oneself in a world so pleasant among the tall and green trees. One takes a deep breath and one realizes the freshness of the air. In brief, one feels good!

And as the mountain is taking one over, it feels like one does not want to leave. One wants to explore every part, every nook, every corner that nature has prepared for us to feel better, to like, to admire.

On the Iara Valley one can admire the Lita Stronghold, Someșul Rece Monastery but also the Bondureasa Accumulation Landscape Reservation.

Geczy Stronghold is a medieval fortress built on a cliff above the Iara Valley. First mentioned in 1324 as “Castrum Leta”, the stronghold has a very troubled past. It has been severely damaged after a siege caused an explosion of the powder stocks under it on February 12th 1562. In 1569 the ruins and surrounding forests were offered to Geczy Janos who made the stronghold habitable again. His descendants have lived here until the second half of the 17th century.

Bondureasa Acummulation

Where Marutu and Galbena streams meet, nature creates a wonderful landscape, an amphitheater with rocky walls, steep ridges and scree. This is also where the birches and the scraggy spruces complete the landscape. That is how a pleasant place is created, an isolated and beautifully outlined area.

What we’ve enjoyed

  • We enjoyed the scenery, the mountain peaks and streams that were flowing downhill.
  • We enjoyed the fresh air, and the grazing sheep.
  • We loved Casa Lara, a wide area, built with a passion for beauty, a dream come true.
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