The fortress in Cluj-Napoca

Located on Someșului’s left bank and built in the Habsburgic Empire times, in the eighteenth century, this had a defensive role in the past. As […]

Orthodox Cathedral in Cluj-Napoca

Opposite the Roman Catholic Church, as if in token of friendship, stands the Orthodox Cathedral, another imposing building of Cluj-Napoca. If you get near Matei […]

Bánffy Castle, Cluj county

Bonţida is also known because of the Electric Castle International Festival of electronic music, which was held for the first time in Romania on the […]

Matei Corvin’s House in Cluj-Napoca

Also in the historic center, you may find the great king’s house, Matei Corvin. The Renaissance and Gothic elements present on the slabs are beautifuying […]

Bonțida, Cluj county

So many beauties can be found in Cluj! Beautifully constructed buildings full of history, places where traditions still live today or where kind-hearted people help […]