Csonka Villa in Târgu Mureș

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With a special Art Nouveau architecture, the house of photographer Géza Csonka from Târgu Mureş is an important attraction of the city, a place where tourists are happy to see the edifice that embodies this style both new and charged with history and traditions.


The unusual beauty of the concept but also the dialogue between old and new and the novelty brought by the photographer’s good taste are the reason for this. With a great passion for beauty, Géza Csonka wished to enrich the image of the city he lived in by promoting an architectural style that conquered more and more European buildings. In the same time, the structure, dimensions and aspect of the patio also impress. Géza Csonka’s vanguardist and innovative personality had a great contribution to the consolidation of new cultural and architectural values. Plus, he has been a marking personality of the city.

Villa-Csonka-in-MuresRecently restored, Csonka Villa can be counted among the most important historical monuments of Târgu Mureş, an architectural jewel bringing joy and an atmosphere specific to the 1900s. Restored in 2011-2013, Csonka Villa represents the core of the new ensemble and can be admired from every lobby of the PRIVO hotel. The villa’s furniture is made of original reconditioned Thonet and Art Deco pieces older than 100 years. Also, the edifice has three rooms and three apartments with direct access to the hotel’s reception. All of them have a unique design.

Classic-King-Room-at-Villa-Csonka The renovation took into consideration the original details that were kept intact and the view to the hotel’s park offers an excellent panorama that highlights the unique personality of the edifice. Set in the superior part of the park that covers 3.500 square kilometers, on a hill, Csonka Villa impresses its guests through the balanced proportions, the graphical aspect of the spaces and the attention for details.

Villa-Csonka-in-Mures3The rooms and apartments have a unique design and they reveal generous spaces where guests can detect the details of a far away era and they can enjoy the atmosphere of the Csonka’s house dating from the time he still lived here while also being comfortable. Thus, PRIVO Hotel attracts the tourists’ attention towards this space covered with history.

Villa-Csonka-in-Mures2However, the new location has a more modern approach to style and a simple, more relaxed design in which the neutral style and the full of colors elements prevail. The cubical stone eases the access through the patio to Urcuşului street offering a beautiful area for promenade, but also a reason to meet again places that are still alive and charming.

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