Casa Vlad Dracul restaurant in Sighișoara

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Located in the heart of the famous medieval burg Sighișoara and in the immediate proximity of the Clock Tower is the Casa Vlad Dracul Restaurant, a unique place shrouded in the mystery and legend of Dracula.


The restaurant has a capacity of 120 seats inside and 70 on the terrace. In addition to specialties from international cuisines, the restaurant offers Romanian dishes such as the famous “Prince Dracula’s Dish”, accompanied, of course, by a shot of Transylvanian palinka. Specialties bearing the name “Dracula-Ţepeş” are the most popular choices with tourists. “The Spike of Ţepeş”, “The Dinner of Ţepeş”, “The Dracula Dinner” and “The Dracula Plate” are just some of many theme dishes served in the “Casa Dracul” Restaurant.

Since-1431-until-1435-in-these-house-lived-Vlad-The-Devil,-the-son-of-Mircea-cel-BătrânLegend has it that the ruler Vlad Dracul lived in Sighişoara, in precisely the same house that stands in what is now known as the Museum Square.
The famous fresco painting “portrait with a turban”, that proves his presence, is located on the western wall of the first floor salon.

Casa-Vlad-Dracul-in-Sighisoara-interiorThe fresco to be found in the Casa Vlad Dracul Restaurant depicts four characters of which one is a female dressed in western attire, while another wears an oriental ensemble with a turban. This character dressed in oriental style, with a turban, is prince Vlad Dracul himself. Art historians believe this to be the only painting depicting the Wallachian ruler. In addition to this painting, the presence of Vlad Dracul in Sighişoara is attested by two letters written between the years 1431 and 1436. “…and the people of Sighişoara come with me” is a statement that is found in the first letter, dating back to the end of 1431, in which he was asking the people of Braşov to support him in his attempt to occupy the throne of Wallachia. In his second letter, dating back to 1436, he was asking the same inhabitants of Braşov to send to Sighişoara the equipment needed in order to establish a mint: “…thus understandeth the aldermen in Seghişoara that I want to take the mynet (mint) from you and move it here.”

Vlad-Dracu-house-in-SighisoaraTherefore, one can assume that this was the place where the famed son of Vlad Dracul – namely Vlad Ţepeş-Dracula – was born and raised. He owes the nickname Dracul to his father, the elderly prince Vlad, who was identified as such in various documents. Nowadays, this name arouses strong emotions and the Casa Vlad Dracul Restaurant is the perfect place to spend your time. A place so perfect that even Vlad Ţepeş would want to eat here.

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