The Tin maker’s House in Sighișoara

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In order to recommend a location, no matter its characteristics, something has to impress you: the design and architecture, the food if you are talking about a restaurant, and – why not? – the services that make a true difference most times. All these actually recommend a place.


We, the I love Romania team, have also received a recommendation: to visit the Tin maker’s House. Looking at the photographs found on the Internet I for one didn’t understand what makes the place so spectacular. I was analyzing its interior design (what to do? Professional fault!) and I couldn’t find something astounding, something I hadn’t seen before. But I was once more proven that the soul has the most to say, the same as it is in humans (I think it has happened to you, too: you know an extremely beautiful person, but with a faulty personality… and that is when she or he becomes less physically impressive). We had the opportunity to see the location at two distinct times of the day, both at noon and in the evening, and in both of them it looked differently, it lived differently. On the one hand, there was the terrace that fascinated me even from the beginning. The combination of forged iron, authentic rock and lights was a fatale mix for me. There is something in this association that makes me sigh, that helps me think about the holiday and lingering around. On the other hand (both literally and figuratively), there were the bed and breakfast and the café. From the moment I took the first step in the bed and breakfast I felt as if I were in a story.

One-of-the-rooms-of-the-Tin-maker’s-House-in-SighisoaraThe 4 rooms had something in common with a homey feeling; they gave me so much positive energy. Obviously, the first pieces that drew my attention were the hand painted ones by Mrs. Rusu (the owner) and the sanitary items (the bathroom says a lot about the person who lives in a certain house, at least from my point of view). In what the café is concerned, at dusk, beside the fact that it looked fantastic in the diffuse light, it spread a family like atmosphere, to be enjoyed with dear ones. I choose the sofa with sleep (that is how the owners named it) and shortly after I sat down I felt completely relaxed, also because we feasted on the house’s specialties. The foods, made entirely out of natural ingredients, were tasty and the house’s wine savory completed the menu. Mrs. Rusu took the time to immeasurably pamper us from all points of view and not because we had come from Bucharest, but because that’s how she is, she welcomes her guests as we welcome our family. And what I liked, what impressed me, beside the accent that I hold very dearly, was the fact that I saw her wearing her apron, but also that she sat down with us and told us stories about Sighişoara, about what we should see and where we could eat something tasty, somewhere else than at her place.

Tin-maker’s-House-in-SighisoaraWhat we learned from Adriana Rusu is that a business means getting involved and that a lot of hard work with her employees – whom, by the way, she calls My girls – side by side, is not something to be ashamed of, but a normal thing that every entrepreneur should adopt. The Tin maker’s House actually means Adriana Rusu, another special person I have added to my list of beautiful people.

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