Fronius Residence pension in Sighișoara

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Right where the famous 175 steps of the Covered Stairway stop, an imposing house invites you to a much deserved rest. Located in the heart of the Sighișoara fortress, at the foot of the hill, Fronius Residence is more than just a place offering beds and pillows – it is a fairytale house. And with good reason.


In times long past, the Fronius family (old Saxon family) built one of the very few houses that were to withstand the devastating fire in 1876. The Fronius Residence also has an important significance thanks to the water well in its interior courtyard, the same well that had saved what hundreds of years later would become a jewel of the Old Town. The Latin inscription dating from after the fire has lasted a long time on the house’s façade as an expression of gratitude to God and His protection, and the contemporary traveler can admire it to this day. Each of the seven rooms that make up the Fronius Residence has a particular style in terms of size and decor. of the great fire. The rooms are furrowed by carved stone arches and here and there one can see the original painting that has been restored. The door locks are those of yesteryear and the old furniture pieces (sourced from various parts of Transylvania) are in tune with the atmosphere that the house exudes. The bathrooms are indeed majestic, being built with mostly natural materials. They provide fine contrasts that combine old and new, specially designed with the full comfort of the visitor in mind. As to the small bar, it is extremely interesting and at the same time impressive how it used to be… a cellar. The bar tables also bear the traces of time in the form of inscriptions dating back to 1822 and 1900. The dowry chests, the old beams, the mirror displays, the cobbled streets, the ogives and the arches – they are all authentic. They manage to recreate the energy of times past, they encourage the visitor to put his imagination to work and they fill his soul with beautiful tales of princesses and knights in shining armors. We cannot talk about the Fronius Residence without mentioning its “gem of a fountain”.

The fountain is one of the two left in the entire Old Town. The reception room too is reminiscent of another era, its high ceilings and discreet stained windows leading the visitor into a fairytale realm. Therefore, if so far you have only dreamt of a boutique accommodation in a newly renovated themed building, the Sighișoara Medieval Centre now brings you such a place: the Fronius Residence.

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