Lăpușna Hunting Castle pension in Mureș

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A part of the history of Lăpuşna Hunting Castle was written in 1923 when King Ferdinand the first became the owner of a generous land in the middle of the forest. At the time, Romania’s Royal House considered such a construction essential because it was meant for free time and hunting.


That is why deforestation started, they enclosed the area and built a grand edifice following the plans of the royal architect, count Lenui, who had come back to the country to rebuild the church of Curtea de Argeş. In time and after Lenui’s death, Carol Liman finishes the castle’s construction. He was a well skilled royal architect, admired for the beauty of his works from inside the country but also for the ones built outside our borders. Although he wanted to spend unforgettable times there, King Ferdinand the first didn’t get to do that. Prince Nicholas inherited the imposing construction set in the mountains and in the middle of the forest. In 1939, King Charles the 2nd spent an important amount of time here, far from the throne and the period’s turmoil. Beginning from the moment it was ready to be inhabited, Lăpuşna Hunting Castle seemed to hide numerous mysteries of the political regimes, being a place visited by state leaders, but also important political leaders of the time.

Lăpușna-Hunting-Castle A place where history appeared to want to be written, a recreation space but also a meeting place. The stained glass door that bears the symbols of herding, hunting and some of the land’s customs seem to still greet the guests who want to go hunting.

Symbols-of-shepherd-and-hunters-live-is-there-to-be-found-on-the-stained-glass-door-bears-at-Lapusna-CastleThe building is made of spruce wood with a stone foundation and the whole construction is so solid that the marks of history do not look to have put the paleness of passed times on them. The similarity with the Peleş Palace is visible, but suddenly all seems to disappear – in the heart of Transylvania, a pure place, where you can admire the birds’ chirruping, the flowers’ smell and the simplicity of people. The terracotta stoves made in the workshops of Vienna are unique. In the same time, the original chandeliers made of forged iron can be admired. When you enter the king’s chamber, you cannot help but admire the Romanian monarchy’s symbols, even the stove has been put together following the crown’s style. Despite this, simplicity and good taste creates a special ambient where you feel like you rediscover a world filled with value and beauty. And when you want to spend unforgettable time in the middle of nature, in a world full of charm, in a scenery that comes from fairytales, you must not ignore this legendary place, a place filled with history, a cumulus of hunting traditions, a land that must be roamed from one end to the other. In the crests of the mountains, in Gurghiului Valley, at an altitude of 815 m, you can admire the wild nature, the fresh air, even the wind that hisses without cease during the frosty winters. You can watch the mocăniţa that moves around slowly to a single destination looking like it transposes a world full of charm in a scenery with a special beauty. Lăpuşna Hunting Castle was recently renovated and has 40 guest rooms.

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