Hanu’ Berarilor restaurant in București

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The Opera House behind the little church of Saint Spiridon and the Gioconda block of flats has survived through wonder, some say. The man responsible for this edifice is the one that has also built the Kretzulescu Palace near Cișmigiu, the Law School and the Marmorosch-Blank Bank Palace on Doamnei Street: the author and architect Petre Antonescu.


Based on the cannons of a respectable noble house, the building has a cellar, a semibasement, a high ground floor, a garret and an attic, not to mention the superb summer garden. The edifice was built in 1914 in Neo- Romanian style. In the past, it has belonged to Dumitru Oprea Soare (one of the richest merchandisers in Bucharest, who focused on selling lumber) and that is where the house got its name: The Soare House. Our sources told us that during the communist era it has also been a political party center before becoming a restaurant (Bucur, until recently). Therefore, the Oprea Soare House, known today as Hanu’ Berarilor, is a 1914 creation of the architect Petre Antonescu. The building was a culmination of Antonescu’s portfolio who was also a distinguished representative of the group who put this architectural style on the verge of its artistical expression. As for the Neo-Romanian style, it was born at the beginning of the 20th century and it generated the awareness of the national historical value, the “rediscovery of the medieval architecure of Valachia both archeologically and due to the well kept monuments. Also, it is the wish for the renewal of the national architecture based on the usage of the Western European styles during the second half of the 19th century. Last but not least, it is a story about the economical growth of the country .” It was a consequence of the kingship. Inspired by the Cantacuzins’ home on the Prahova Valley, the Soare House began to be archeologically rediscovered in 1890-1910. The times’ passion for exotism had a main role in the interior design, but there were also elements inspired by the Ottoman architecture and the Byzantine decorations.

The-Brewers’-Inn-Hanu’-Berarilor-restaurant-in-Bucharest-2As for the ground floor, it is oriented towards the main lobby (with a flooring covered in mosaic) that gets you inside the rooms, each decorated in a different style. Afterwards, the house was inherited by Ștefan Soare and his wife, the daughter of the grand Mott champagne producer. In 1950, the building was confiscated by the communist authorities and transformed into a cellar-restaurant in 1970. Sold to investors, the edifice was exploited as a hotel-restaurant-casino after 1989. Although it beared activities that caused degradation, there was fortunately no major damage. A few years ago, in 2006, after long, almost endless lawsuits, the wronged owner finally got her possession back.

The-Brewers’-Inn-(Hanu’-Berarilor) Presently, the Soare House is the edifice of the Brewers’ Inn, the inn filled with great foods and entertainment. A well kept place after numerous adventures, a place like you rarely find. “I can only say good things, the mutton chop is a culinary wonder”, “The atmosphere is very pleasant, the personnel is extremely officious and well prepared and the food is very tasty”, “It is a well attended restaurant and the atmosphere is very friendly” are only a few of the reviews given to the Brewers’ Inn. We are glad when such activities are both prosperous in the past and the present! We wish you frequent feasts and good appetite!The-Brewers’-Inn-Hanu’-Berarilor-restaurant-in-Bucharest-3

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