Lafayette Hotel Boutique in Bucharest

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Driven by a well-defined goal, namely that of offering their customers a wide range of services, starting from design consultancy and architectural planning to execution (choosing and purchasing furniture pieces, lighting fixtures and finishing touches), Creativ Interior is a design studio established in 2010 in Romania’s capital city.


An inspired design is bound to make a stronger impression on people than they care to admit. In a world where, the way they put it, “one can easily fall into the trap of kitsch or dusty mentalities”, the Creativ Interior team of energetic, friendly and inspired interior architects encourages everyone to turn to them for any design-related doubts they might have. Boasting extensive experience in the field of design, the group of friends from Creativ Interior can help you choose a concept, the right finish or perhaps a décor for your space, be it commercial or residential, be it contemporary or reminiscent of the century past.  Let us go into further detail.

Lafayette-Boutique-hotel3 Located in the heart of Bucharest, more precisely in the Pache Protopopescu Square, opposite the Izvorul Rece Park, Lafayette Hotel Boutique is a hotel that stands out from the rest thanks to its unparalleled, one-of-a-kind details. With a theme inspired by famous French writers, its seven rooms are laid out in pairs, each pair having a dominant colour: rooms one and four are coloured in blue, rooms two and five in beige and rooms five and six in green, with a total surface area of 400 square metres. Although the hotel’s façade is built in a modern style, the interior is contemporary with classic elements, typical of the French 19th century.

Lafayette-Boutique-hotel5 “The elegance of the past is combined with cutting-edge technology. The style is very coherent thanks to the right use of finishing materials and furniture pieces. The walls are painted in pastel colours such as blue, beige, green and lilac and covered in wallpaper with floral motifs. The antique-looking furniture is made of solid wood”, told us Natalia Berezovskaia, designer architect. The idea behind this beautiful concept is to preserve the identity of the old part of Bucharest by means of the cozy Provence style. Therefore, great emphasis was also put on the curtains and upholstery whose colours are matching those of the surrounding ambiance. At the same time, the superb setting is completed by retro and Scandinavian accents. Of course, decorative pieces are there to ensure the integrity of the Provence style: vintage white chandeliers purchased from ATAȘ, framed mirrors with bevelled edges, paintings depicting flowers and fruits, candlesticks, floral bedspreads and pillows, clocks, flower vases and many other accessories. Each of these elements contributed to the final setup, in order to create a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere for the customers who will be staying at this hotel. The man behind this brilliant idea turned into a reality is Octav Roman one of the Creativ Interior team member that we mentioned at the beginning of this article. Together, they managed to give a contemporary feel to the special Provence style, as proved by the Lafayette Hotel Boutique– a place that is extremely appreciated by locals and foreigners alike.

Lafayette-Boutique-hotel6As Coco Chanel once said: “An interior is the natural projection of one’s soul and Balzac was right in giving it the same importance as to dress”, interior architecture coupled with fashion design is seen as a form of culture that is at once cyclical and a token of its time. The Lafayette Hotel Boutique is a perfect exemplification of this idea. By creating a special interior, typical of the French 19th century, Octav Roman and Natalia Berezovskaia have managed to combine in a sophisticated manner the elegance of the past with the technology of the future. This is the ultimate place for all those who enjoy luxury and who want to be contemporary with great personalities of the last century.

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